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Our expertise in the field of water purification relies on an ever increasing knowledge of techniques, research and advancement. By careful selection of our corporate partners we are able to draw from a vast network of support staff consisting of research engineers, analytical laboratories and scientific exploration to ensure our customers of the latest in design technology. In this fast moving world of electronic and computer control systems we are able to offer systems utilizing complete automation or simple hands-on type of manual operation.
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Universal Filter Group generates computer assisted designs for each custom filtration application. Every detail is scrutinized by professional staff to ensure the consulting engineer will have complete knowledge of the product which we are manufacturing for their client. Whether it is a single manual pressure filter or a complex Process and Instrumentation Print our drafting capabilities are first class.

With a few small field sketches we are able to build vessels to exact duplicates for replacement of existing equipment.

Our unique stainless steel under-drain system (with features such as integral air scour through the entire support bed) utilizes the finest in materials to offer a system with unlimited lifetime expectancy of both the media bed and the under-drain system. We entirely eliminate the need for an independent air scour grid.

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Our multiple system design allows for on-line systems to have the capability of back-washing with treated water without the use of a storage tank. By ingenuity of design we are able to backwash on-line by utilizing the effluent from parallel units. This eliminates the requirement of a backwash supply pump while ensuring clean filtered water is available for back-washing of all filters.

We have a unique design for on-line systems which do not have the availability of a storage reservoir. Our booster pump and flow control valve ensures a constant downstream pressure on the effluent of the filters and modulates according to the water demand and condition of the filter bed. These are extremely popular with beverage application systems such as breweries and bottling facilities.

Our steel filter vessels are offered with removable stainless steel sample screens. This ensures optimum performance with minimum maintenance. 

We designed and commissioned the first industrial use of a catalytic media for an iron removal system in Canada enhanced with an air saturator. This system employs the use of our air saturator to diffuse air throughout the water supply to ensure the oxidation process on the surface of the media without the use of any oxidizing chemicals. This system has been in service, virtually maintenance free since 1987 supplying Canadian Armed Forces Base at Camp Dundurn, Sask. with iron free water at 300 GPM.

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Specific applications are part of our normal mode of design and construction facilities at Universal Filter Group. As we custom fabricate each system we can tailor every component to your exact requirements. Strategically placed items such as site-view ports, removable sample screens, turbidity analyzers, media retainers, effluent quality monitoring wells etc. can easily be incorporated into the design parameters.

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Our philosophy towards filtration equipment is based on sound engineering practices, superior products and reliability of proven design performance. We approach each project on an individual basis as we understand that every filter application must be designed specifically for the application based on the quality of the water supply and the customer's exact requirements.

Although we realize the importance of various chemicals in the field of filtration, we minimize the use of chemical treatment in our systems. We have been successful in treating surface water supplies to meet stringent water quality guidelines with the use of pressure vessels as flocculation and detention tanks. We utilize select grades of filter media in our filters such as the sub-angular quartz filter sand which has proven superior to round or sub-round sand. We are able to maintain effluent quality from our multi-media filters at less than 0.3 NTU.

Our filter systems utilize our unique under-drain system constructed entirely of polished 316 Stainless steel. This ensures reliability of the filter and longevity to our clients. We have proven the concept of utilizing a combined collection, distribution and air wash in one system, thereby eliminating the requirement for an independent air grid in our filters. This reduces channeling problems which result from fouling of the upper zone of the support media.

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In addition to the manually operated filter systems we supply fully automated control systems including off the shelf standard controls and PLC controlled systems. We offer complete interconnecting piping and valve arrangements which may be re-assembled on site. Any combination of controls may be selected to meet your exact requirements. Turbidity monitors, flow pacers and computerized controlled panels are all part of our service package.

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Every filter vessel manufactured by our firm receives the utmost attention from quality of design, integrity of products and superiority of workmanship. Each system is drawn to scale for construction purposes by our drafting personnel utilizing the CAD system. Diskettes may be courier or down loaded to your computer for preliminary review.
Every vessel is manufactured in our ASME fabrication facility and is tested prior to release to the customer. All filter tanks are lined with an FDA approved liner for added corrosion protection. Our under drain systems are manufactured to exact tolerances using only polished stainless components.

Skid mounted and turn-key systems are completely tested and operational prior to shipping and require only minimum connection time on site. The pre-packaged plants may be surface finished upon request.

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At Universal Filter Group we feel that every project is important, therefore we give the same measure of quality to all systems. Whether your requirement is for a 5 GPM package system or a 1000 GPM filtration plant we are able to accommodate your exact requirements. We are able to custom design and assemble a complete skid mounted turn key filter system for any application.
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