VPMF Plants in Operation

Below is a partial list of VPMF plants in operation.

Company Capacity Application
Unioin Steel Co., Ltd 2500 m3/d Wastewater Reuse
Je Judo Fish Farm 2000 m3/d Sea Water Treatment (Pretreatment of R/O)
Dong Hae Ocean Food 100 m3/d Ocean Food Wastewater Treatment
Kia Steel Co.,Ltd. 12000 m3 Recycling of Cooling Water
Castle Pine Golf Club 600 m3/d Tertiary Treatment of Sewage
Incheon Grand Country Club
2160 m3/d Municipal W.W. Reuses (Pretreatment of R/O)
Daewo Complex Mach. Co., Ltd. (8 plants) 210 m3/d Tertiary Treatment of Sewage
Hyundai Motors Co., Ltd. (12 Plants) 190 m3/d Tertiary Treatment of Sewage
Union Steel Co., Ltd. 2500 m3/d Wastewater Reuse
Samnam Photochemical Co., Ltd. 8800 m3/d River Water Filtration (Drinking Water P.)
Hampyong City Hall 100 m3/d
Filtration of Underground Water (For Drinking)
Incheon City Hall 2000 m3/d Municipal W.W. Reuses (Pretreatment of R/O)
Youngchun City 800 m3/d Drinking Water Treatment
ICAYS (Mexico) 900 m3/d Textile Waste Water Recycling
Asai Chemical (Japan) 150 m3/d Water Waste Treatment (Pretreatment of R/O)
Aweeb GmbH (Germany) 8 m3/h Filtration of Sand Filter Concentrate (Swimming Pool)
Lenzing GmbH (Austria) 25 m3/h Filtration of River Water for Process Water
TORO (Australia) 10 m3/h Pretreatment of Drinking Water
SKC 120 m3/h River Water Filtration(Potable Water)
Bongang Steel (Ansan, China) 50 m3/h Recycling of Sewage & River Water
Desal Systems (Australia) 10 m3/h Pretreatment of R/O (Iron & SS Removal)
ICAYS (Mexico) 40 m3/h Recycling of Waste Water


There are over 200 installations globally which may be referenced upon request.

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